Our standard fees for fecal transplants are listed below. These may vary based on your individual needs.

Antibiotics or other medications or supplements, if needed, will be an additional expense. 

At this time, I do not bill insurance for FMT material fees. I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurer, however this treatment is classified as experimental by the FDA and is generally not covered by insurance. 

Consultation and Medical Supervision fees can be billed to insurance and are subject to fees and deductibles as outline by such. I encourage all my patients to be aware of their insurance coverage for Naturopathic Doctor visits. Feel free to use this insurance verification form to call your insurance provider to learn more about your plan.

Most commonly, I will recommend a single round of capsules which is generally effective for most patients. Occasionally a repeat treatment is required. For enemas which must be administered at home, a minimum of three and occasionally up to five enemas are needed to achieve the same level of effect.




Initial Consultation

FMT Materials Fee

Medical Supervision


$750 per round of capsules



$375 per enema